Why Breaking the Rules helped my Diastasis Recti

I was supposed to have been broken by the movements but I wasn’t. Doing hard things helped. I had rounded my back when I lifted but my back had not broken. I had performed sit-ups where my abs domed but core had not stopped working. My gap hadn’t reduced despite my best efforts but my back pain and incontinence were gone, and my belly was flatter. I had broken the rules and I was still progressing. I began to question some of the information I was reading and began wondering if it was not my body that was broken but maybe the rules were.

Facebook and fairy tales

  Social media: It's a lot like a family picture. The final product I shared with all my friends was of a happy, smiling family. No struggles, just this perfect little snapshot of life. But that was one picture. And it took us a while to get there. We have a lot more of these … Continue reading Facebook and fairy tales

This Is Not Health…But I Look Good!

They asked me what my excuse was. They told me they had kids, a 6 pack and no excuses. They challenge me to be accountable for the way I looked. They told me I didn’t look healthy enough. "So what does it take to have a 6 pack?" I asked myself.

Why Don’t You Just Have Surgery?

Why don’t you just have surgery on your hernia? Why don’t you just have surgery to fix your diastasis recti? These are questions I've been asked more than once. My answer is two-fold: Firstly, I have had surgery on my hernia. I was born with an umbilical hernia (apparently 20 - 30% of children of … Continue reading Why Don’t You Just Have Surgery?

More than a Hot Body

As women we receive a lot of subliminal messaging that our value and worth is based on our physical appearance. You can be educated, well-spoken, and dignified but in the end you also have to be "pretty enough". You are not your body, and I want you to stop defining yourself by your body. Do you know why Lions are kept behind cages at zoos? Because they are powerful. You are a lioness.