Hot Mama Ab Balm


Created exclusively for Bellies Inc by Sola Skin Care, our Hot Mama AB Balm uses healing and warming plant-based ingredients.  This therapeutic, recuperative and restorative balm is ideal to aid in healing the postpartum body and is the perfect companion to the Ab System.


The Chinese herbs used in the preparation of the Ab Balm were chosen for the blood nourishing, invigorating and warming properties to ensure proper recovery and healing following childbirth and to decrease any discomfort that may be present. By keeping blood warm and circulating efficiently, pain is decreased and tissues stay healthy, strong and supple. Essential Oils have powerful and specific properties when used for certain conditions. The blend for this particular balm is nourishing for postpartum women because of the benefits of the chosen essential oils. Grapefruit Essential Oil is a restorative aide for slack tissue and poor muscle tone. Lavender Essential Oil is regenerative, soothing and healing, benefiting stretch marks and scarring. Sweet Orange Essential Oil reduces water retention. The blend of essential oils used in our Hot Mama Ab Balm has the added benefit of uplifting the mood and encouraging positive emotional well-being. Apply a thin layer of the Ab Balm to your postpartum belly as desired and allow to soak into the skin prior to putting on your Ab Tank to prevent staining and discoloration. Ingredients: Olea europaea (Olive Oil)* infused with Chinese herbs (Angelica sinensis [Dang Gui], Artemisia argyi [Ai Ye], Ligustici chuanxiong [Chuan Xiong], Zingiberis [Gan Jiang], Cinnamomi [Gui Zhi] and Carthami [Hong Hua]), Beeswax/Cire d’abeille*, Calophyllum inophyllum (Tamanu Oil)*, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Essential Oils of Citrus paradisi* (Grapefruit), Citrus sinensis* (Sweet Orange) and Lavandula angustifolia* (Lavender) *certified organic ingredient


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