Fit2B Studio Prenatal Fitness Program


Stay active safely during your pregnancy with this progressive 8-week program. You’ll receive 4-5 exercise videos each week that begin with the basics and gently build your overall strength and core connection.


If you are …

  • currently pregnant
  • planning for a strong birth
  • craving structure and accountability
  • wanting to prevent or minimize diastasis recti

This course is for you!

It mirrors the “Fit2B New Moms” section of maternity workouts on the main website. However, here within this ecourse format, we can provide additional motivation, encouragement and accountability.

This 8-week prenatal fitness pathway offers a gentle, weekly progression of over 30 workouts ranging from simple basics to full body toning.

Here’s how it works:

Each week, this prenatal fitness program provides 1 foundational routine +  2 workouts + 1 educational resource for reading or watching.

As soon as you begin, you’ll receive the entire first week’s content to work through at your own pace. Some routines you’ll just do once while others will resonate deeper and become repeatable favorites.

You can go back and repeat weeks as needed. You can also repeat the whole path or pause the pathway. Message us if you’d like to have it reset for a future pregnancy.

Workouts for Pregnancy and Postpartum "Fit2B New Moms" - fit2b.comFit2B exists to help you be a stronger contributor to your family, community and world – especially during your pregnancy!

We are changing lives one tummy at a time… In this case, two lives!

So much science exists that proves that women who exercise have healthier babies, stronger births, and faster recoveries.

This program will help you accomplish that with our unique style of diastasis-aware, alignment based workouts.

How does this program differ from membership?

This program is sold separately from membership. While Fit2B members have access to a “Fit2B New Moms” pathway of workouts, this course is structured to provide accountability and extra motivation with email support. It has the workout embedded in the lessons.

Logged in members can save 25% on this course! Once you purchase it, it’s yours forever regardless of membership status. So you do not have be a member to utilize this course.

What does this course include?

You will receive a total of over 30 premium exercise videos via online lessons. You will get a weekly email reminder to access your content during the first 8 weeks that you have it to help you stay on track. Each lesson has 4-5 videos plus encouraging written content to deepen your understanding of your body during this time.

Don’t wait to start this course if you are pregnant. It is suitable for all trimesters! 

Buy this prenatal fitness program today!


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