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The Diastasis Recti 30 Day Core Rehab is a progressive core focused exercise program designed with considerations to heal a diastasis recti and core dysfunction. Join for 30 days of daily workouts with video demonstrations and on hand personalized help along the way. Learn about your body and how to strengthen it from the inside out.



The 30 Day Core Rehab is a step-by-step guided core retraining program that fouses on rehabbing the postnatal core with an focus on diastasis recti. This program is moderated through a closed Facebook group so Facebook access is required.

The 30 Day Core Rehab is 4 weeks of core focused strength training designed to rehabilitate the postnatal core and help heal core dysfunction such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness. The workouts are posted daily and video demonstrations breakdown the movements. Participants are invited to share their experiences, challenges and training questions and/or videos for one on one remote personal training. Interaction allows the program to be modified to your individual needs.

The 30 Day Core Rehab was created and is moderated by Inemesit Graham, a mother of 3 and Certified Fitness Trainer. Inemesit is a Core Confidence Specialist with Bellies Inc. and not only reduced her own diastasis from 7 fingers to 2.5 fingers and rehabilitated her core healing her pelvic floor dysfunction, she has helped hundreds of women improve their diastasis and strengthen their core too!

Sign up to see what this great program can do for you! 30 days that will change your life and improve your fitness.

2 reviews for 30 Day Core Rehab

  1. MummyFitness

    “I highly recommend working with Mummy Fitness. The programs Inemesit creates are very well planned and easy to follow.

    When I started my core rehab with one of her programs, I did not have any idea of what to expect. I was very surprised and happy to find that the program was manageable and not at all daunting as some other programs may be. Each stage of the program builds upon what was taught in the beginning creating a foundation for activities of everyday life as well as for exercising.

    Not only are the instructions and videos provided for each workout throughly explained, but Inemesit is always available for questions and support.”

    ~ Fown Tse Stear

  2. MummyFitness

    Bethany Bender recommends Mummy Fitness.
    19 January at 21:09 ·
    I would highly recommend Mummy Fitness, I saw and felt more results with her program in a month then I did working by myself in over a year. She definitely knows what she is talking about and has a lot of experience!

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