Bellies Inc. Ab System


Available in S, M and L. The Ab System is the ultimate postpartum recovery solution! Comes with 2 Ab Tanks, 1 Ab Wrap, the Core Confidence Exercise Program, and eBook! *This product contains Latex.


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The sizing chart is based on your current measurements while you are still pregnant (ideally in the 3rd trimester).

Under Bust 28-34 33-39 38-44
Hips 30-40 35-45 40-50

Each complete system comes with 1 black Ab Tank, 1 beige Ab Tank and 1 beige Ab Wrap. We have also included a delicates laundry bag so you can wash one Ab Tank and still have one to wear! Also included is FREE access to the Core Confidence exercise program, and our eBook full of amazing MUST KNOW information.

Gripper Elastic has been added to the lumbar pad to help it stay in place. The elastic is made of rubber and does contain latex.


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