Abs After Baby Program

Abs After Baby is a 12-week full body exercise program designed to safely strengthen the postnatal core with considerations for healing a diastasis recti .

The unfortunate thing with diastasis recti is that so many trainers and programs focus on the gap. They focus on the separated rectus abdominis and do harmful exercises in attempts to bring it back together. Some women find that even , if by chance the rectus abdominis does return to proximal, they are still experiencing back pain and pelvic pain and don’t know why.

I cannot emphasise this enough: It is not about the gap! The gap is a symptom of a much greater condition. Treating the gap is like treating the runny nose instead of treating the cold.

Diastasis Recti is the results of sustained, unmanaged intra-abdominal pressure. A successful DR program must teach the postnatal woman how to manage changes in intra-abdominal pressure and how to know when they are experiencing dangerously high levels of it. It must teach the postnatal woman core synergy, which is the synchronization of the core muscles with your breath. We must return to the ABCs of core health: Alignment, Breathing and Coordination.